Praia Da Rocha Travel Info and Review

Praia Da Rocha started out in the 1930's as a quiet and stylish resort. Being part of the city of Portimao, it is one of the most gorgeous parts of the Algarve. Praia Da Rocha is filled with golden yellow wonderful beaches and craggy cliffs; it makes it the perfect get away destination for over a million holidaymakers each year.

Praia Da Rocha's nearest airport is Faro Global Airport, which happens to be one of the most hectic airports in Portugal. It's worked out that Faro Global Airport servers just about five and a half million passengers each year!

If you're organizing your own transportation from the airfield, you may have a bunch of taxi's to choose from. They are readily available and well priced. Or you can rent a auto. The roads used to be very bad here, but now they've been improved so renting a car is far easier than what it was once. It's now our recommended type of transport in Praia Da Rocha.

Hiring an auto definitely allows more freedom to drive around this pretty resort, but if cost is a factor, fear not, because the resort runs a brilliant tiny tourist train which is actually handy and terribly cheap. There are buses everywhere you can cheaply hop off and on of.

If you are big on views and sights, definitely take the car. If you're over here for a calming break just lounging around by the pool or local beach ( as the majority of you will be ), then it probably isn't worth hiring a vehicle out. The corporations could have wonderful deals on though so you could always check them out!

There are plenty of hotel decisions in Praia Da Rocha that you can select from. There are ones that will fit anyone's budget; from cheap low end hotels to fancy five star hotels you will find the perfect one for your vacation in Praia Da Rocha.

There are a number of cost-effective boat tours that will take you out to see the gorgeous dolphins. After your trip out to see to see the dolphins, why don't you enjoy a nice meal or a lager at one of the many excellent harbour front cafes.

Another great move to make whilst on vacation here is to hire a ship and go out and experience the beautiful waves, or you might just lie on the beach and hear those waves all day long, perhaps with a cocktail in your hand. There are countless beaches that will cater for that need.

If shopping is what you are searching for then taking a visit to Algarve Shopping center will fill your day with fun and excitement. With an array of great shops and great restaurants you will not become bored spending your day at the mall.